CLAT EDUFOSTER is the Leading CLAT Exam Preparation Coaching Center in Kolkata


CLAT Exam Preparation Coaching Training Centre at Edufoster

Students aspiring to build a successful career in the law field are in the constant struggle as where to start preparing from? Winning the long competitive battle, it all takes effective strategies. Thus, only preparing the syllabus content without any strategic guidance will only procrastinate your chance to score better.
Introducing to you Edufoster, the best law exam preparation coaching center in kolkata; providing authentic CLAT training to law aspirants.We are the Best CLAT Institute in Kolkata and what makes us claim this word is due to our focus on the word ‘law’ that needs to be specially focused in CLAT exam.

How do we function?

Each entrance exam is different in its approach which needs to be known well. Thus CLAT as an important law entrance exam hold its value for aspirants willing to be in the field of law. Thus our expert faculties develop the learning modules emphasizing on the fact that you are a law student and need attention on law contents. The modules are specialized in terms of standard law terms, vocabularies and comprehensive level of the upcoming law students.

How are we the Best CLAT Coaching Center in Kolkata?

The time you invest while preparing is considered the most valuable. Now you major concern is how to learn and how to identify what needs more attention? Here comes the role of guidance from expertise. Our years of experience in CLAT training primarily focus on rendering you the correct strategy to learn.
Why strategic learning is important for you? Rote learning or mugging up chapters not always highlights the knowledge. The strategic learning is the suggestive strategy for you to appear in competitive entrance exam.

1. Getting to know the exam pattern well is the prime step. We firstly make you overview the entire question pattern and its related marking scheme. This will pattern out your study schedule as long will help you to comprehend how we are going to proceed with our guidance.

2. Investing right focus on each subject. Unequal attention creates a disharmony which affects the overall score. Our classes thus provide attention that you get equally aware of the current affair topics, English vocabularies, legal and reasoning aptitudes.

3. Most importantly our CLAT Coaching in Kolkata includes mock test series for you to go through an attentive practice sessions. We have seen considerable improvements in our students past years after they attempted the mock test series. It primarily will help you locate the arenas you need to put your extra effort to learn.

Why should you learn with us?

Learning from best clat coaching in kolkata, India, will function as a guide in your way of exam struggles. Why combat alone when we are here to lessen your worries. We are to here to provide you with wholesome idea about how to study for CLAT and how to develop important problem solving strategies. Our curriculum for includes online/offline classes, current affair-GK and vocabulary updates, weekly doubt clearing sessions and monthly mock test series for evaluation.
Join Edufoster to learn from the most amiable learning environment at the heart of Kolkata. To know more on register/admission details you can refer to our learning branch at Moulali, Kolkata for important counseling and demo classes. In case you have more queries contact us or mail us.


How to join Edufoster Kolkata?

- Contact us at our given id/number for enrolment details. For more enquires visit us at Moulali branch for detailed counseling on course and demo classes.

Why should I join Edufoster?

- Our years of experience in training and coaching have helped numerous students to shape their career in the field of law. Join us to learn from the most amiable learning environment located at the most travel-friendly location of Kolkata.

When will the session start?

- We are starting with our session for 2023-2024. Join us now to book your seat in out limited batch strength.

Are the mock tests free?

- We don’t charge any fees for mock tests for enrolled students. Mock tests are a part of our teaching curriculum. To know more about the study curriculum for CLAT session 2023-2024 contact us now.